Calm Coach

Riana Nelson


What is your role in MBW?

I’m Riana! As “The Calm Coach,” I support brides to feel their most calm, confident, and grounded through their planning process, and on their wedding day. I’m passionate about helping brides with mindset and goal feelings, because your wedding is a massive life milestone, and every bride deserves to feel most like her empowered, centered, feminine self on that day— not stressed and disconnected.


How do you plan to help Brides?

As a bride-to-be myself, I know the stress and anxiety planning can bring— but through implemented meditation, journaling, and support practices I’ve brought to my clients for years, I know how to guide others through the overwhelm!


What do you love most about living in Montana?

I love the feeling of hiking into an infinite open sky no matter the season, paddle boarding with my fiancé on crystalline lakes, and photographing and painting cute little wildflowers. I grew up in the northwest, so the forests feel like home!