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Montana Bride Wellness

Your Premiere IV Therapy Service of the official Montana Bride TM.

No GMO’s, no preservatives, no premixed bags. We provide an elite, clean, luxurious vitamin infusion that is customized to fit your big day.

All bags are designed by an Ivy League trained Functional Medicine Doctor, who also holds a Masters in Nutrition.

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General Wellness Drips

General wellness drips take 10-15 minutes. Plan for up to 30 minutes in the case of extra hydration.

Drip while getting your hair, and make up done, or before a mountain adventure!


Arrival Drips

  • Howdy Hydration $195
  • Cowboy Immunity $225
  • Cowboy Immunity Plus $315
Bridal Party

Day of Wedding Drips

  • Bridal Boost $195
  • Glacier Glow $255
  • Glacier Glow Plus $325
  • Golden Glacier Glow $455

Day of Wedding Drips

  • Bronco Boost $195
  • Peak Performance $295
  • Peak Performance Plus $355
  • Penrose Peak Performance $475

Post Wedding Recovery

Rate your level of Rowdy

  • Recovery Cowboy 1 – $185
  • Recovery Cowboy 2 – $235
  • Recovery Cowboy 3 – $275
  • Huckleberry Hydration $175

*Requires a minimum of $3,000 to book. Mix and match drips, as desired.

Inquire with our patient care coordinator for group discounts, and promotions on our top shelf drips.

the Ultimate anti-aging, detox, mood, libido, & energy boost

Speciality Wellness Drips

For NAD+ Therapy please allow a longer drip time, up to one hour.


$750-$1,250 per person

Save when you book a Drip Date! $550-$2150 per couple

A 10 minute consult with our Medical Director to review your health, and past medical history is required prior to administration.

Vitamin Shots

For the cowboy that is quick on the draw, and fast on his feet, consider a vitamin shot that takes less than a minute to administer.

These are great gift to your Bridal Party if they’re not quite ready to try IV Therapy!

Pricing is based off of dosing.

Vitamin D

$55, $75, $125


$35, $55, $75

B Complex


B Complex, B12


B Complex, B12, Biotin




Amino acids





$225, 325, $425

Drip Descriptions

Order all of the same, or mix, and match your drips!


  • Howdy Hydration includes saline, electrolytes, and B vitamins. It is our general wellness drip for energy, and immunity.
  • Bridal Boost for her, or Bronco Boost for him for provides hydration, B vitamins, and an extra libido kick.
  • Immunity is designed to increase your white blood cell count to prevent sickness, reduce the amount of sick days, and speed up recovery time.
  • Immunity Plus includes higher doses of vitamin C, D, and zinc. It also includes Lysine, which is an amino acids that is specifically targeted towards fighting off viruses. For higher doses of Vitamin D, please submit lab levels taken within one year.


  • Performance is the ultimate blend containing amino acids, and CoQ10 in addition to B vitamins, Magnesium, C, and zinc. It enhances endurance, promotes a healthy libido, aids in muscle development, and recovery.
  • Performance Plus includes Glutathione, the Master antioxidant to prevent aging.
  • Penrose Peak Performance includes Glutathione, as well as a NAD+ shot for an immediate mood, libido, and energy burst.


  • Glow strengthens your hair, skin, and nails while balancing hormones, increasing your mood, and metabolism.
  • Glow Plus includes glutathione, the Master antioxidant to prevent aging.
  • Golden Glacier Glow includes Glutathione, as well as a NAD+ shot for an immediate mood, libido, and energy burst.


  • Recovery turns on detoxification pathways, reduces inflammation, alleviates symptoms of a hangover, soothes stress, adrenal fatigue, and helps you get back to your adventure, faster. Choose the level of recovery that matches your wedding planning, and party.
  • If you’d like to add Glutathione to reduce aging, and flush out toxins to your Recovery add $55. For example, Level 3 Recovery Plus Glutathione is $350.

Order all of the same, or mix, and match your drips!  

To reserve, please provide the name of drip you’d like along with the first, last name, email, and phone number of each person.

Medical forms will be sent electronically, and need to be completed two weeks prior to arrival.

Movement Menu


Lasso the sun with a Montana style yoga flow. Choose from a yin flow to relax, or a vinyasa flow to energize.


Choose from a 30 minute, or 55 minute training session for an endorphin boost.


Ground into your divine feminine by balancing your mind, body, and spirit. Ask how you can add reiki to your yoga session!


Arriving early, and looking for an adventure? Hike out with our adventure guide to integrate into the wind, water, earth, and fire elements.

Sunstone Services


You might have a wedding planner, but our health coaches come to your big day to support YOU.

juice cleanse

Detox, and Glow with 1, 3, or 6 juice packs to have you, and your Bridal Party looking, and feeling their best!

flower essences

Working closely with florists in the area, one of our Naturopathic Medical Doctors will design a blend that matches you, and your wedding!

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