Dr. Janna Hibler ND, MS Nutrition (left)

Lynn Stoll, creator of the Montana Bride brand (right)

excited to announce the launch of

Montana Bride Wellness

Featuring compassionate care from our Medical Director, Dr. Janna Hibler ND, MS Nutrition who has created a team of 7 holistic practitioners to provide comprehensive care leading up to, the day of, and after the wedding.

Some brides might opt for customized IV Therapy for energy, immunity, relaxation, beauty, performance, or recovery.  Others might choose individualized nutrition, yoga, cold pressed juices, Functional Medicine, flower essences, fitness, health coaching, or a combination of all of the above!

Our Integrated Approach to Wellness

Our goal is to offer brides, and their families an integrated approach to wellness so that they may experience their wedding day to the absolute fullest.

stress management
hormone balancing
immune boost
anxiety, depression, altered sleep
natural fertility
meal & movement planning
weight loss, body composition
energy production
gut health

Janna Hibler

We’re so excited to announce @montanabride_wellness! Featuring compassionate care from Medical Director Dr. Janna Hibler, ND, MS, owner of @theivelement.project in Whitefish, Montana.

There is a great need for brides to receive comprehensive wellness for their wedding weekend.  This might look like customized IV Therapy for energy, immunity, performance, relaxation, and recovery. For others, it might be individualized nutrition, yoga for relaxation, cold pressed juices, health coaching, Functional Medicine, or a combination of all of the above!

Our goal is to offer brides coming to our state, or those already within our state, an integrated approach to healthcare that will help them experience their day to the absolute fullest. We want to help them combat the stress, the dehydration, and the sometimes overwhelming feelings that their wedding day might bring.

Dr. Hibler, and her team will be providing same day, the week of, and up to 6 months in advance services to help Brides look and feel their best from the inside out!

“I started Montana Bride Wellness after seeing so many Brides, Mother of Brides, and Wedding parties coming into The IV Element stressed out, anxious, and depleted. They weren’t fully able to enjoy, or be themselves for one of the most important transitions, and celebrations in a woman’s life.

With an amazing team, together, we’re going to change that this wedding season. I’m so grateful that owner of Montana Bride, Lynn, saw value in helping Brides truly cultivate their best day! Welcome a new way to wellness Montana, where Brides are energized, balanced, and GLOWING.”

Dr. Janna
– Owner, Medical Director, Dr. Janna Hibler