Owner, Medical Director of Montana Bride Wellness

Creator of The IV Element in downtown Whitefish, Dr. Hibler had a number of brides, and their family visit the clinic last summer stressed out, and not feeling their best the week of their wedding. Janna Hibler ND, MS Nutrition has been practicing Functional Medicine for ten years, and designing personalized IV Therapy prescriptions for five years.

Janna Hibler



What is your role in MBW?

I love empowering women, and families so that they may THRIVE spiritually, mental-emotionally, and physically. Be it hormone balancing, mood, or metabolism I utilize botanical medicine, IV therapy, juice, teas, and advanced testing so that you may fully be in YOUR Element!


How do you plan to help Brides?

In addition to customized IV Therapy, I’m excited to walk alongside a select 10 brides this summer in their transformation, and connect other brides with the best our team has to offer.


What do you love most about living in Montana?

Freedom!  Be it hiking to a mountain top, or watching the buffalo graze I have never felt so grounded, and at peace.  Also have a thing for Glacier Rim Cowboy hats that I will forever wear with honor.

“As one of the most pivotal moments in a woman’s life, we aim to empower each bride with the nutrients, food, movement, and lifestyle she needs to look, and feel her best on her wedding day. A true glow radiates from the inside out, and gives a bride the ability to connect, be present, and fully embody the love of her life.”

– janna Hibler